Frequently Asked Questions - RLI


The world of Rotary is much bigger than just your club and district, and there are numerous Rotary resources designed to give Rotarians access to tools, services, expertise and ideas that will help them deliver needed services and support to their communities. One of those resources is the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).

RLI is a series of three fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to increase a Rotarians’ base of knowledge in Rotary and strengthen their volunteer leadership skills. The courses are facilitated by trained Rotary leaders in each district and are fun, topical, and geared toward active Rotarians who want to be more effective leaders in their clubs. The Rotary Leadership Institute was established in 1992 and today almost 400 districts around the world have RLI programs. For more information, visit the RLI website at

Yes! You will pick up new ideas and gain invaluable Rotary knowledge and acquire leadership skills and awareness that will make you more effective as a member of your club and a member of the global Rotary community. When you graduate from RLI, you will have a much broader and more informer perspective of how to help your club address and solve your community’s needs. You will learn about new Rotary resources and build new relationships and friendships. You will meet
Rotarians from around your District who, like you, want to do more and accomplish more in Rotary, whether as a club officer, committee chair, or member. Best of all, RLI will inspire you to want to do more!

In Rotary Zones 30-31, an elected Board of Directors administers RLI, nicknamed “HOA-RLI,” which stands for the Heart of America Division of Rotary Leadership Institute. The Board supports and encourages the RLI program in the two zones. Districts that have an RLI program are expected to follow the curriculum published by RLI International; otherwise, their programs are independently operated under the direction of a District RLI Coordinator. However, registration for sessions is handled on the HOA-RLI Website,