Frequently Asked Questions - sessions

FAQs - sessions

RLI training provides you with interactive and collaborative learning sessions while you explore issues and discuss potential solutions with your fellow club and district Rotarians. Course methods include discussion groups, group challenges, and problemsolving sessions. Everyone participates and Rotarians learn from each other. A course notebook containing the topics and notes for each session, course outlines, agendas, faculty listings and more are provided to each student.

Generally, classes are limited to between 15 and 20 participants for each Part so there will be vigorous discussion and exchanges of ideas. However, the class size varies by District and will be displayed on the HOA-RLI registration page when you sign up.


icon You can see a course outline for all three parts here

No. If you cannot complete all three Parts in one Rotary Year, you can finish later. You can basically work at your own pace. You should complete the three Parts in sequence, if possible; however, occasionally participants may be scheduled out of sequence so as to create larger classes for more interactive sessions and better small group discussions.

Go to the HOA-RLI Website,, and select the RLI Events tab. From the list of courses, select the session you want to attend in your District and follow the steps for registration. Generally, all three Parts – I, II and III – are offered on the same day, so you should select the Part that you’re eligible for on that date. Tuition may be paid online at the time of registration (preferable) or by check on the day you attend.

In Rotary Zones 30-31, an elected Board of Directors administers RLI, nicknamed “HOA-RLI,” which stands for the Heart of America Division of Rotary Leadership Institute. The Board supports and encourages the RLI program in the two zones. Districts that have an RLI program are expected to follow the curriculum published by RLI International; otherwise, their programs are independently operated under the direction of a District RLI Coordinator. However, registration for sessions is handled on the HOA-RLI Website,